Blower Door Tests are priced starting at $300. Pricing for modeled energy audits and HERS Ratings range from $600 to $1000, depending on size and complexity of your house or business. For new homes, HERS ratings, Energy Star ratings, LEED for Homes, or Passive House ratings, please contact us for more information at 610-241-7792. Consulting for services from This Leaky House is priced at $75 per hour. 

There are many opportunities for rebates from federal, state, and local sources.  The list below is only a partial compilation of all possible financing.  Be sure to confirm your own circumstances, as rebates are subject to expiration dates and funding sources may dry up. 


Learn more about the HERS Index

US tax credits

        30% on Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar, Wind

        Use this link for more information:

State Program

     Keystone Help:    $325 Energy Audit rebate, 2.99% Financing

PECO Incentives

     Smart Ideas:

         Appliance rebates & recycling, $120 annual AC rebate, Fuel Switching, HVAC & Water Heater rebates

New Home Construction

     $2,000 builder rebate:


Outside of PECO Territory?