Why would you want to get an energy audit? 

  • Lowering your energy bill will free up more money to do the things you prefer to do.
  • Reducing your energy use will keep your air cleaner, improving your health.
  • Identifying potentially hazardous conditions or situations, such as carbon monoxide, backdrafting, or a tight envelope will lead to a healthier and safer indoor environment.
  • When upgrading your HVAC or purchasing a Solar PV system, lowering your energy demand will allow you to save upfront costs of a system installation.
  • Lowering your energy consumption will reduce imported energy, lowering our national payments to unfriendly countries.
  • Reducing your energy demand will help keep carbon dioxide emissions lower, keeping the earth cooler.


An Energy Audit will show you how to lower your energy bill and create a healthier environment, indoors and out.


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