Residential Energy Audits and Ratings

     -per Keystone Help program specs

Energy Star and HERS Ratings

LEED for Homes Green Ratings

Passive House (PHIUS+) Ratings

Multi-family Audits

   -per PHFA program specifications

Infiltration and Blower Door Testing 

Duct Tightness Testing for 2009 IECC

Air Balancing per NCI standards

Computer Modeling

Utility Bill Normalization and Disaggregation

Infrared Thermal Imaging 

The standard Energy Audit is a process that gathers data about your house, your energy usage, and future plans.  We perform a series of diagnostic tests that determine Infiltration rates, R-Values (thermal loss), appliance efficiencies, and other inputs. This collected data is entered into approved software that runs a set of calculations that effectively show how your energy is used. From this, we can derive savings calculations in terms of Payback, Savings-to-Investment Ratio, or Rate of Return.


Blower Door Testing

By selecting only those measures with a positive cash flow, you can lower your energy bills, improve your living standard, improve your indoor air quality and safety, while reducing your energy use.   

For Multi-family audits, we follow BPI standards, while integrating commercial energy conservation measures into the analysis. 

Blower Door infiltration testing is available for those on a limited budget.  Duct Blaster testing is available for HVAC contractors needing to meet IECC 2009 code standards.  Infrared Imaging is also available on request.